Start-up of the year 2018 allows retailers and e-merchants, who often have limited digital teams, to promote their thousands of products on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest in a personalized way, while respecting their graphic identity.

Retailers can use their product feeds to create hundreds of personalized videos on Facebook and Instagram on a large scale. Advertisements automatically take into account the prices, images, products and local specificities of each store.

The public's favourite 2018

The Beamy platform allows retailers who use an increasing number of different retail technology solutions (50 on average in 2018, +100 in 2020, +230 in 2023) – to map all their solutions in order to have a 360° view of their technological environment, manage and secure access to the different solutions in a centralized way and finally monitor the impact of technological solutions on their business.

Hope at the international level

Wynd allows distributors to digitalize their points of sale and customer paths (click & collect, express delivery, ship-from-store, store-to-web, digital showroom, sales tablet, pos, etc.) This solution already equips more than 100 customers, including the Casino Group, Carrefour, Sodexo, Etam Group, Galeries Lafayette, Orange, Botanic…

Young shoot 2018

Stockly allows e-merchants to continue to sell when they are out of stock, by relaying orders to the stock of brands or other authorised e-merchants. this start-up has developed the first shared stock network allowing e-merchants to never be out of stock and thus significantly increase sales and consumer satisfaction.

Young shoot 2018

Chat with your data! Tired of technical constraints to extract your data? Ask your question and let artificial intelligence work for you! puts NLP (natural language comprehension) at the service of businesses (marketing, sales and supply chain in particular), simplifies the search for information and facilitates decision-making, for increased operational efficiency. With this solution, all you have to do is ask !

ICC Start-up Awards 2018: A look back at the nominated start-ups

Out of nearly 70 applications, only 8 start-ups were selected. The 8 nominees therefore tried their luck with a pitch training session with a jury of retail professionals at Salesforce.

They made their final pitch during the ICC Start-up Awards ceremony on November 29th.

Turn your offer into a targeted ad

Query your data in natural language

The AppStore of your retail technologies

On-demand delivery within the day

Competitive monitoring of fashion brands

Your ad purchases and creations on a platform

With the shared stock no more shortages

All your points of sale (web and stores) at the click of a button

Focus on the pitch training evening of our start-ups at Salesforce!

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